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The Wedding Blog

Astrid Bennett Claas

What is the first idea you think about when you are planning your wedding?

The dress maybe, then followed by the venue, the cake and the people in your life you want to share your special day with. It is May again, this lovely month of the year which is so suitable for romantic weddings.

I remember dreaming of a white wedding arriving in a coach drawn by horses when I was a little girl. Did my dream come true – well not really or should I say not exactly. I found the right man – most important I would say – I had a white outfit, a stunning scenery and a beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers – none of the rest of the dream but it was wonderful – I got married in the Caribbean.

If I would get married again – which is unlikely – then I would choose a romantic venue, a first dance to Rod Stewart’s ‘You are in my heart’ surrounded by all my lovely family and friends and DRY ICE FOG engulfing us rising up from the floor. I could not think of anything more memorable than this dreamlike setting for years to come.

The best of it all it is easily available and it does not break the bank -which weddings unfortunately tend to do. If you are lucky enough to have a wedding planner who is organising everything for you please ask them to put Dry Ice Pellets and a Fog Machine on the shopping list for the big day. If you are organising it all yourselves please speak to a lovely member of staff who will ensure the Dry Ice Pellets will be delivered to you on time for you to enjoy. Alternatively the wedding venue will be able to help with the ordering of the dry ice, just pass our details on and they will do the rest. We also have a fog machine you can hire from us on a first come first serve basis.

I hope we can help to make your special day even more special.

On that note – if you would like to share a photo of yourselves dancing the night away using dry ice we will post it, please just ensure we have your permission to do so.

All that remains is to wish you a wonderful day and a happy marriage.

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid is Sales Director at Dry Ice Network and is responsible for new business. You will also find her active on social media for dry ice as well as other products she has in her own company portfolio.

DD: 0116 224 0072-206