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Astrid Bennett Claas

It is difficult to believe that the Summer months are almost over and we are heading into Autumn with colder weather and shorter days. Where have the holidays gone …. it seems long ago now and the children are back to school, undoubtedly with much regret by the boys and girls and a kind of relief by the parents.

I do not know about you but I liked school – well obviously not all of the time – but on the whole I loved to learn and at the same time spent time with my friends. I had a 45 minutes train ride to and from school every day and on top of that a 20 minutes walk from the station to the school, in wind and rain and the heat. It prepared me well for life’s trials and tribulations and we did not even complain!

I wonder what it would be like to go to school now and in a different country (for me as I was born in Germany) The science classes must be quite entertaining these days as teachers go to much length to broaden their pupils horizons.

Cool experiments with dry ice pellets have become very popular and we work closely with a number of schools, academies and colleges on a regular basis. Not only do the schools themselves organise science lessons but also a range of companies that specialise in experiments with dry ice are going into schools to demonstrate and explain the science behind dry ice, what it is made of, and what it turns into.

My school days did not include this type of entertaining lessons but I know I would have loved it. It brings science closer and makes it much more accessible on a practical level. It is good to know that schools offer our children this experience and encourages interest in this field as we need good scientists for our world’s challenges that lay ahead.

Dry ice has many usages but experimenting and showing our children must be one of the most important.

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid is Sales Director at Dry Ice Network and is responsible for new business. You will also find her active on social media for dry ice as well as other products she has in her own company portfolio.

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