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Astrid Bennett Claas

One of the most positive things DRY ICE can do is to rescue and extend lives.

The subject of organ donation has been discussed frequently over the last few years and has become a hot topic, not only in this country, but worldwide. I wonder how many of us have signed the NHS organ donor register? As I am quite interested and supportive of organ donation I have informed myself of some of the issues connected to organ transplants.

Did you know that our various organs have different shelf lives if you allow me to use this slightly colloquial expression? The heart and lungs can only be kept viable for transplantation for approx. 6 hours, the liver for approx. 12 hours and kidneys for less than 30 hours. This makes it abundantly clear that time is of the essence when it comes to organ transport.

Special transport boxes are being used to take the donor organ to the recipient and to keep it fresh during transport Dry Ice is used in many cases. The cooling effect is only one advantage of using Dry Ice – Dry Ice by the way has a temperature of -78.6 degrees C, while water starts to freeze at only 0 degrees C.

The other very important advantage of using Dry Ice is that it evaporates without a residue. Unlike water ice Dry Ice changes from its solid state into a gas without turning into a liquid, crucial for avoidance of bacterial and other infections. Apart from organ parts Dry Ice is also used for transport of blood and pathology samples.

We are working with NHS hospitals across the country for many years and are proud to be able to support these vital services. Not long ago we had a first hand experience of the enormous benefit of organ transplantation for extending life as the partner of one of our colleagues received a kidney after many years of life with dialysis. She is well and happy now and our whole team is delighted of this very positive outcome.

Next time you use Dry Ice remember all the lives that it has helped to save.

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid is Sales Director at Dry Ice Network and is responsible for new business. You will also find her active on social media for dry ice as well as other products she has in her own company portfolio.

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