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The Christmas Blog

Astrid Bennett Claas

It is difficult to believe but here we are again – it’s Christmas Time.

Where has the year gone, it seems like yesterday that we welcomed 2019 and watched the London Fireworks. It has been a challenging year but also a good year for us. As in previous years we increased our turnover and we are sending out more dry ice parcels than ever before.

Spring saw the launch of our new website and the improved e-commerce site for placing orders online. We have also signed up with Paypal as there is an increasing demand to use this service particularly in respect of privacy and safety.

2019 also saw some serious shortages in the supply of liquid CO2 which is needed for the production of DRY ICE. We were fortunate to have a supplier who supported us throughout the crises and ensured that we could continue with our production without any interruption. We were able to fulfil our customers’ orders and in turn ensured that their work continued.

Life’s challenges are here to test us and even more so on the business front. I do not want to go into politics and all the ups and downs the country and the economy has had to endure but now that the general election is over and the direction the country will take is clearer (albeit not everyone will agree, so we will probably continue to agree to disagree!) we hope the overall economic situation will stabilise so that we can all move forward. Due to the nature of Dry Ice we are not exporting to Europe or other parts of the world. However, The British Isles have always been a trading nation and I personally do not think or see that will ever change. We have many customers in a varied range of industries and many export their goods by using our dry ice, so indirectly we also participate in the Export trade.

As we get closer to the Holidays and the year is slowly drawing to its end and we will enter into a new decade I do not want to talk just about business, increased sales and turnover. Christmas is a time to reflect, to take stock and to consider other issues our society and country have to face. Despite the need for food banks, overcrowded A&E departments and no available hospital beds, difficulties to find and to be able to afford good carers for our ageing population – to name just a few issues – we are still very fortunate in many ways to live where we are. No wars or major conflicts and the freedom to believe in what we wish to believe in.

I for my part am very grateful and especially at this time of year when our hearts and minds are more receptive to the needs and problems of others.

With this thought I wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for your continuous support. Enjoy the Season, have fun and celebrate the start of a New Year – maybe with some of our Dry Ice pellets?

Have a good one and see you in 2020.
Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid is Sales Director at Dry Ice Network and is responsible for new business. You will also find her active on social media for dry ice as well as other products she has in her own company portfolio.

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