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Equipment & Pricing


Dry Ice Network can offer 3 sizes of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Machines for purchase. This equipment, with accessories, can also be hired for a minimum of one week. The hire charges are available in the next section Hire Charges.   

All 3 machines listed below are fully pneumatic and require no electrical power to function. Each machine suits a specific set of applications, but if your application does not fall into these categories our experts can help you make the right choice and lead you to a reliable equipment manufacturer. All we ask for the provision of this service is to buy your dry ice from us.

Our most powerful machine is the din3000 which is based on the CSL2000 machine which we developed when the company started in 1995. We assemble the machine from components fabricated locally in Leicester, it is maintenance free and has a working life of at least 10 years. It can be supplied with 3 interchangeable nozzle sizes allowing it to operate over a wide range of settings for the mildest to the toughest applications.

Going down the scale the din1000 blaster is unique as it is easily converted to operate as a dry or wet soda blaster. The changeover takes a couple of minutes and allows operators the chance to resolve the problem of finding parts of a job that cannot be handled by dry ice. Swopping quickly to soda can allow the job to continue without a break. This is particularly true in the restoration business where the degree of tenacity of the soil depends on the location relative to the soil source and the substrate material.

The final step takes us down to the din500. This was developed from the din1000 to be more compact and manoeuvrable to make it more suitable for valeting the inside of motor vehicles, which the din1000 can do very successfully, but at higher cost and not so comfortably. We are sure the din500 will also be useful for restoration work and light duty tasks.

The din500 and the din1000 are products that we import, but we have played an important role in their development to ensure they meet our owns standards of quality and efficiency. We can maintain, and where necessary repair them in our Leicester workshop.

To operate all three blasters successfully it is essential to have the right amount and quality of compressed air available. The previous page “What You Need” gives advice on the compressed air quality needed for the din3000 and the individual data sheet links on the table below provide more detailed air information for the din500 and din1000.

Blaster Specs

Blaster Name din500 din1000 din3000
Power Source Pneumatic Only Pneumatic Only Pneumatic Only
Dimensions L X W X H 200 x 200 x 410 600 x 400 x 450 760 x 360 x 640
Weight Empty(kg) 5 16 47
Hopper Capacity(kg Dry Ice) 0.6 2.5 16
Dry Ice Feed Rate(kg/h) 2 – 6 6 -1 2 0- 30
Dry Ice Size Range (mm dia)    1.5 – 3 1.5 – 3 3
Connection size 1/4″ BSP (Female) 3/4″ BSP with quick fit adaptor 1″ BSP (male)
Air consumption (cfm) 9 – 21 25 – 55 70 – 750
Blasting Pressure (bar) 1.5 – 8 3.5 – 8.5 4 – 10
Max Working Pressure (bar) 8 8.5 12
Air Supply Hose Not supplied
Blast Hose Assembly 31 mm dia. sheathed bundle x 2.1m 40 mm dia. sheathed bundle x 5m 50 mm dia. sheathed bundle x 5m
Nozzle type Right angled only Right angled only Right angled and straight
Nozzle size(s) 8 mm 8 mm 250/500/750 cfm
Soda dry & Soda Wet No Both options available No
Data Sheet Download Download Download
Manual Download Download Download


Please follow the link below to obtain a quotation for the blaster of your choice.
The link will request you to give us your Name, Company Name, Postal Address, e-mail address and Telephone, and ask you to agree to our holding your data in accordance with our privacy policy. A quotation will be forwarded by e-mail as soon as we have checked the validity of your data. Our target is to respond within 24 hours.