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Dry Ice For Restaurants & Bars

Dry Ice For Restaurants & Bars

Dry Ice can enhance your table decoration give guests a nice surprise. The dry ice can be placed in the decoration before the guests are seated. When the menus are given out some hot water is poured into the decoration and a nice fog surrounds the proceedings.

Warning Note: Whenever dry ice is used when serving drinks or food make 100% sure that the dry ice cannot be ingested as dry ice causes serious burns to sensitive skin and can cause serious life threatening internal injury if swallowed. Use dry ice in food and drink only when the two are separated by a physical barrier.


and will be producing dry ice every morning for same day shipment/collection for as long as we can.

Please place urgent orders as early as possible by phone and online orders by 12.00 Midday latest.

We close at 1 PM but will still be taking calls on 0116 224 0072 Get the full story on the Home Page and Stay Safe.
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