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Cocktails & Mocktails

Astrid Bennett Claas

It is Summer time and that means garden parties, drinks and generally speaking having a good time. Do you like Cocktails? I must say I have quite a weak spot for them – and not only in the Summer – it is not only the tastes I love but all the different ingredients and colours that come with it.

Now cocktails – and mocktails (I do not want to animate anybody to drink alcoholic drinks) receive an additional aspect of enjoyment by adding dry ice to them for visual effect. The evaporating fog created by the dry ice is stunning and is always an eye catcher. Many bars now offer cocktails with dry ice effect and the number is increasing day by day. Many of the bars, nightclubs and event organisers are amongst our customers.

However, you do not have to go to a bar to enjoy a cocktail or mocktail with dry ice, you can do it yourself at home, just one bit of advice before you start.

NEVER EVER put the dry ice direct into your glass or the jug. It has been acknowledged that the dry ice itself is not toxic, BUT it should not ever get in touch with your mouth or beyond. Due to the temperature of dry ice of minus 78.6 deg C dry ice can create very nasty burns with potentially terrible consequences if ingested.

The best invention to get around this are Mistystix, which we offer to buy together with our dry ice pellets. Mistystix are small clear plastic holders for the dry ice which can then be put safely into your drink and create the lovely fog effect you want. When finished the Mistystix can be cleaned, filled with new dry ice and used again – for another cocktail or mocktail – well we all know we can not stand on one leg…….Next time you order your dry ice online you can add Mistystix to your order or speak to a nice member of staff if you give your order over the phone.

To wet your appetite to try a dry ice induced cocktail I thought I add a recipe for a Blue Lagoon. Blue Curacao is such a wonderful bright colour and it reflects the colours and the taste of the tropics so amazingly well. Imagine yourself sitting with glass of blue lagoon filled with a Mistystix and dry ice in your garden and believe me you think you are sitting at a palm fringed beach.


Enjoy the SUMMER!

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid Bennett Claas

Astrid is Sales Director at Dry Ice Network and is responsible for new business. You will also find her active on social media for dry ice as well as other products she has in her own company portfolio.

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