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We have been working hard to get this site finished for opening on April 1st. Perhaps that was a foolish target (!!), but we reckon the site is already better than our previous efforts and so we are going ahead and launching it today. You will find the missing pages and links appearing as fast as we can complete them.

We would like this new site to be an interactive one and we welcome any input from our customers and any or photos of what you use our dry ice for that you would like to promote on the site. All contributions please to They will be duly acknowledged

Thanks for your patience
Mike Bennett & the Web Team

Buy dry ice online from 7 kg upwards or call us for container loads up to 400 kg each
Both options can be delivered same or next day, but we need orders over 100 kg before Midday, otherwise by 2 PM.

We have two large capacity production machines and can make up to 700 kg per hour and our motto is:

“If we can make it today it can be delivered today” (subject to transport availability).

Dry Ice – For a cool experience

We supply dry ice to many users in the Entertainment and Events Sector. From weddings, live music venues, night clubs, bars, restaurants and theatres!

Supplying Many Industry Sectors

Dry Ice Network are suppliers to many different industry sectors for a range of applications.

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